Ideas & Goodies





Here are some ideas…

A network model that shows the ebola disease spread overtime

A model that predicts the in-hospital mortality and in-hospital mortality percentage (risk) of Intensive Care Unit patients

A survival analysis of emergency, trauma patients based on treatment in hospital

A model that predicts risk of bleeding based on treatment of emergency, trauma patients

A country map visualization of health risk factors over time

An analytics app that digs up outliers, anomalies in spend patterns and distribution in UK NHS GP Prescriptions

Mash up other datasets with the ones we provide here and show some magic!

Or show how the Block Chain can ensure secure, access to private patient data!

Goodies to Share. Recognition of your teams’ effort

The People will decide which hacks are the most cool and innovative. We’ll be giving away £1,000 cash to reward creativity, collaboration, innovation and brilliance!

We’ll give away 400 vouchers with $250 credit passes of free cloud time in MS Azure. You can use Hadoop, Spark, AzureML or spin up a 112GB VM running iPython or R for the weekend!

We’ll raffle 10 free data science books

And as usual we’ll make sure everyone has nice breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, and plenty of good coffee & snacks