Day 1 – Saturday, December 13

09:00am: Doors Open & Welcome, coffee

09:30am: Intro and talks

11:30pm: Lunch served and Teams Organised

12:00 noon: Start data hacking

7:00pm: Dinner served

Continue hacking

Day 2 –  Sunday December 14

08:00am: Breakfast served

12:00pm: Lunch served

2:00 pm: Presentations begin

3:00pm:  People to vote what are the most cool, fun, innovative hacks. We give away the goodies.


Suggestions and Guidelines

1. Join a team. Hack in teams

2. Team Diversity: We encourage teams that promote diversity, gender equality,  and have members with different level of experience . Bring data scientists and developers together.

3. Choose a name for your team

4. Be focused on one project

5. Use Open Source Tools:  We promote Open Source. You can use any software tools

6. Use the datasets provided for the hack. Use other external datasets and mash them up with the ones provided.

7. Cool, relevant, useful, fun projects

  • The people will decide which are the most innovative, unique, cool, or fun hacks
  • Please grant an Apache License 2.0  or similar to the Intellectual Property behind your model, algorithm, code and data visualization
  • Write a short paper explaining your hack, code, algos, etc

7. Share your projects, be open: If you use proprietary code or algorithms please don’t come to this hackathon

8. Have fun, make new friends!

Please  recruiting, recruiting agencies or similar. No business developers, no salesmen, no business soliciting. No exception


You can sleep at the venue or go home and come back next day.Chill out, resting, dining, and sleeping areas available.

You can bring your sleeping mattress/ bag too.

Shower facilities for men and women

Free quality meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast), unlimited drinks, coffee & snacks of all kinds.

12,000 sq ft of open, airy space

High-speed 100Mbps Internet, 12 super HS Wi-Fi routers

Great furniture, ergonomic chairs, and comfy sofas.

Please bring your own laptop and any tools you want.




The Hub Westminster
1st floor New Zealand House
80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE, UK