I’m a data scientist / data engineer at a large academic health care system and school of medicine.  After grad school I worked in academic public health economics, clinical epidemiology, but now I nearly exclusively work in applied EMR methods.  Here’s some interesting stuff I’ve worked on:

-Worked with CCLF data to design and program a method for combining Part A and Part B claim lines into service groups with total cost,  like ED visits

-Looked at the the feasibility of providing granular, accurate combined price estimates out of the EMR for outpatient procedures to patients

-Designed and programmed a PHI-safe driving distance estimator for patient to health system facilities using the Haversine formula –manuscript forthcoming

-Designed and implemented our system-wide, warehouse-based risk score architecture

-Developed and programmed a computable phenotype and simple validation study for ERAS — manuscript submitted

-Designed and programmed a probabilistic match for integrating external mortality data into our warehouse to supplement EMR-documented patient mortality — talk at UGM 2017, manuscript forthcoming

-created curriculum for EMR methods for pharmacoepi PhD students — taught fall 2017

-worked with a startup to co-develop a readmissions model for commercial use

-worked with a large, privately-held software company to explore co-development of commercial models in the diabetes type II space